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English: St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the weird things about blogs is the fact that you interact with other bloggers, hitherto unknown people, now vaguely known through what they share on their blogs and on yours.

As you read their blogs, you develop a picture of what they may look like, what they do in their day jobs, their favorite haunts, interests and where they live. And, like last week, when I happened to be somewhere in the vicinity of the domicile of one such blogger acquaintance, I wonder what would happen if I happened to run into one of them. Would I recognize them from their blogs? So let me be Sherlock (the British detective, Shylock was a money-lender plying his trade on the Rialto and wanted a pound of flesh as interest, don’t be confused..)

Here then is my view of one blogger I read regularly.

She’s already admitted she is a woman, lives in New Jersey across from NYC. She’s probably a Bengali, an erstwhile resident of Calcutta, or Kolkata as it is called now. Possibly studied at St Xavier’s College, Calcutta, earning a Bachelor’s degree in English with Honours. We know she came abroad to the US for “higher studies”, as they say, and taught creative writing out on the West Coast.

She shares a taste for Kathi Rolls and her blog posts are mostly lessons in the art of writing, where her experience as a teacher comes through clearly. I picture her as a young woman probably in her late twenties or early thirties. She probably carries a camera with her at all times.

She was good enough to share with me an address in Manhattan where I, also an erstwhile resident of Calcutta and an alumni of St Xavier’s College, could indulge myself in a almost forgotten taste.

And as I walked through the streets and the walkways of Central Park, every time I saw an Indian-looking lady in her early thirties or late twenties, I could not help thinking, is that her?

And what do I look like to my readers, (the ones who don’t know me personally – duh!)?

I wonder?

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  1. I often wonder that myself! And I often wonder, if I met a friend blogger in the real world, without knowing, would we have a rapport? All good questions…
    I hope you find your blogger friend ~

    1. TheLastWord

      Yeah – we went through that in another thread somewhere, where we talked about our personalities – are we talkers or listeners for example. It may have been you who brought it up.
      BTW: I picture you as a tall, slim, brunette with long hair and glasses for occasional use. You prefer white wine to red, but do not drink beer at all. You prefer rice over bread.
      In the past you were younger….