Poetry Day 2023

It is another “Day” today. Poetry day, they say. Look at those two lines Above the line above this one You will see they end in ‘ay” The sounds, you know, align. This alignment is called rhyme Especially when paired with lime There’s something called metre It makes your pome neater If you…

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Right Hand Man Chapter 9

"Good morning, Liz." Liz looked up from her notebook and smiled at Darrell. "Good morning. I wasn't expecting to see you today. After the late night celebrations I thought you'd sleep in!" she said. Darrell sat down with her coffee and offered Liz her plate of croissants. Liz shook her head. Darrell tore…

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The five kilometre hike felt tougher than it was. Pam slogged through the slightly uphill trail. Her head was still not fully clear of the anger, fear and doubt that she had felt since she had left, run away, from the city. Driving into the countryside, she had no thought about what she…

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Good Moaning, Fiends!

Good Moaning! Hey Fiends! "Good Moaning, Fiends", isn't the title of my new book in the Horror Genre. It is about fiends, yes. And also about the moanings that are generated every day. Whether the moaning is good or terrible or merely bad, is best left to you to feel. I thought about…

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The rain bothered her. It had been raining, it seemed, ever since she had arrived, three months ago. It felt like she’d lived here forever and the rain had poured down forever. It had been raining all night and now at 8AM, it came down in a steady downpour The cottage sat on…

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Window Pane

It was eight in the morning and the skies had opened up. I sat looking at the newspaper in my hand and the little water droplets forming and rolling down the window pane, when suddenly I realised that I had written a string of words and they were sitting there on the screen…

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Coffee It's a wond'rous thing, the use of an apostrophe to replace a single character. I mean, come on, it's the same number of characters! So what did you gain by replacing the "e" with the "'". And try and make sense of the ' and the " when it comes to quotes!…

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A sunset and a dream

Fiction Lake Huron swallows up the setting sun   A Poetic Start The rays of sleepy Sol, orange and pink and shades of red, shone like a blanket of tulips seen from afar, waving ever so gently, caressed by zephyrs in the gathering dusk. Pink tinged feathers of clouds striped the fading blue…

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Music and I

Music Music and I have had a longish relationship. It all started when I was a little lad of ten, no.. hang on, a lad of four or five. After The Great Awakening it became even more of a.. Ah let's start over. (And yes, there's a video at the end...) The Early…

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