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“Disgraced integrity czar walks away with $ 500,000”.  
The headline troubled the Slo-Man at multiple levels.
Firstly, the use of the term “czar” to imply a senior-most position. The media is tempted to use this indiscriminately, with seemingly no regard to the history behind the term. Is the position really as autocratic as the term would imply? This is another instance of connotations being changed. Over time words lose their original meanings and North American driven political correctness has been the driving force behind much change in recent years. Sadly, though not all the changes makes sense, “sex worker” being one that particularly irritates the Slo-Man with it’s forced air of desperation.
Secondly, some government apparently had a well-compensated officer charged with monitoring the “integrity”, presumably of the staff. What qualifications would someone need for such a position? Would hall monitor for 2 years in high school add any value? How exactly is the integrity officer supposed to execute on her brief? Send out emails and flyers and a website exhorting staff to keep their hands out of the till? How about the integrity officers political masters? Does the officer’s influence extend to them too? Most people will not bother to answer that question and the Slo-Man can see the wry and cynical smile on the readers’ faces.
Thirdly, for someone with that level and type of brief to be given compensation for doing a bad job, is something that really upsets the Slo-Man. Surely, an integrity officer, responsible for the collective conscience of the government, should be set to a higher standard of accountability?
And then there is the delicious irony of the situation. “Disgraced” and “integrity czar”.
Once again – the Slo-Man shakes his head as yet another instance of his impotence and influence is highlighted.

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