if people have become stupidly reliant on technology

The Slo-Man recently had some time on his hands to read the interweb and he stumbled upon this news story.
The Slo-Man is, frankly, appalled. Is the world we created?
The Slo-Man wonders – was this her first time driving to work? Surely, she must have gone there at least once before for her interview? Did she consider getting directions from friends, her supervisor or another website – even to cross check? At at what time of the night was this drive to work? Was it too dark to see that there was no turning? Was she new to the area? How long has she lived in that city? And how fast was she driving?

As always in times such as these, the Slo-Man called upon the LLBF. And the LLBF told the story of a time in Cape Cod when he, the LLBF, watched his nephew turn right instead of left, disregarding the LLBF’s directions and following instead instructions from his GPS. The nephew was the last to arrive at the Olive Garden, 20 minutes after anyone else. The nephew, however, is highly intelligent and so there was never any danger of his finding himself in the Atlantic Ocean at any time. It remains a mildly amusing story, the only after effects being some good-natured chaff at the hands of the family.Humans have created technological tools out of their talent for thought. However, stories such as this demonstrate that humans forget that these are but tools, the responsibility for thought cannot be transferred to that unreasoning tool.
And, the Slo-Man thinks of Freddie, hums the tune and shakes his head in wonder.

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