Terrible Two

Khichuri Courtesy: http://kolkatakuisine.blogspot.ca/2011/01/khichuri-khichri-steamy-combo-of-rice.html
Indeed! On this day in 2012, The Slo-Man and The LastWord came together in a merger of blogs, a melding of minds and turned this into a khichadi of a blog.
The English Kedgeree takes it’s name from the Indian melange of rice and lentils and adds a hodge-podge of fish, eggs and cream, turning it into something distinctly different from the variations available in India. Growing up, The Slo-Man remembers the pale, (more…)

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I am? I do?

I am? I do? A question put to me the other day left me scratching me head. Not because I have dandruff or other head afflictions, but figuratively speaking I was left wondering. What was the question, you ask? "What do you like?" asked the interrogator? They went on to speculate on the…

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