about anger management

and the anger management experts. He was downtown in an elevator that had a news feed on a TV monitor and a news item caught his eye. An anger management counsellor pulled a gun on someone who had blocked his car.

Oh the irony! Too quote Sellers and Loren “Oh Doctor, I’m in trouble, well goodness gracious me! You may be very clever, but however can’t you see?” You’re flawed, human beings are flawed, your diet is flawed, your thinking that there is a silver bullet that will (a) help you lose weight (b) remove the wrinkles (c) reduce the cellulite (d) get you the admiration of the idiots on the streets is flawed. The perfect tomato, the milk that had all the goodness taken out of it (in the name of science) and for which we paid top dollar and now the milk with the stuff left in (for which we pay top(per) dollar), the GM food that will kill the planet, the anger management counsellor and the need for the supreme confessional in the sanctimonious Oprah are all ironies created by the lazy. Content to let someone else tell them the obvious about a situation, instead of exercising their own brains. Conditioned by big business and ads that sell products that seemingly have been “improved” by the simple expedient of adding fruits. Research? Ahh who needs it. If you’re selling shampoo, just add pomegranate, or mango, or paw-paw or whatever…..

Anger management? Forget the classes, write a blog!

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