A Couple of Choices – The Big Release


Well, it’s out there now.

Go to Amazon and search for “Ajesh Sharma” or “A Couple of Choices”. It’s my book. On Amazon.

Buy it, even if it’s only me recommending it. Have I ever let you down? Ok, so you had to wade through my recipes to get to the juicy bits, and you had to put up with my very long-winded articles.

But be that as it may, this is a short book. Easy reading. Only about 20 of my usual blog posts.

Plus there are no prosy descriptions of clouds, trees, cliffs and seas. The kind of poetic stuff that usually slows you down in your reading. You know that’s true!

Yes. I guarantee it. It is full of dialogues. People saying things to each other. That’s it! What could be simpler?

The Final Reason

A few months ago, you folks took part in a poll, to help me decide how to end the play. Check out the poll here( Digression Alert #1: Wow, that ages ago! In May, 2017! I really am a lazy chap, aren’t I? )

Compare your vote with the the ending I have provided. Prepare to exult or not at achieving the ending you desired!

Go ahead – click your way to Amazon and get your copy of the greatest thing since my breakfast today of honey nut cheerios. See link below.

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  1. saru singhal

    The description looks very tempting. Will buy it! 🙂