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As you know, by now, I wrote a book. Which isn’t quite the same thing as “I had okra masala for lunch”. Nothing is! It is, however, quite an achievement of sorts, I’m told. In any case, it’s there on Amazon to be admired, mocked, bought, read and otherwise digested.
So far, the reviews have been positive. In my helpful way, I provide a sample.

  • I like the style of narration – a play format. No over-boarding on the descriptions. Just what is necessary to set the mood of the characters.
  • I often wondered what if a couple don’t get a divorce and yet live separate lives? Will they ever get back when they are older and are mature to mend their relationship (for whatever reasons that prompted the initial separation), and this story poignantly answers my questions.
  • The characters were etched with perfection.
  • Editing and narration were quite smooth.
  • Enjoyed the subtle humor along the story.
  • “When you make choices, you make choices based on data available. What was the data? Let’s assemble the data.” Now that is pure Ajesh ?I’m really enjoying the book!
  • Really really liked your book! Its a wonderful short read and i think it was so perfect in the “Play”format. Guys do read this one! Its a book about relationships,about choices made, about life. One of my favourite lines from the book “Life is about having the people you love and the people who love you around you. Life is about them. And you.Together” Ajesh Sharma am looking forward to your next one..and all the very best for “A Couple of Choices”

Of course, there was one person who did not like it.
“Knowing your writing a bit, I was expecting more. You could have done a lot better”
I’m chalking that one up as a positive endorsement of my writing…. ( take it where you can get it, is my motto.)
On Goodreads, I have a single 5.0 rating for the book.
All in all, a fairly quiet yet positive start
Almost unanimously, people have praised the cover. If we were to judge the book by it’s cover, this book is definitely worth reading. And you can read it by paying the fee, ( nominal, about the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee – basic, no frills!! ).
Or you can read a free sample. yes. FREE! Click the link below.

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