The Second Irregular SloWord Awards

OK, 2015 has now been consigned to history. 2016 shall prove historic, too. For the US, which means, of course, the World. In 2016, I expect either a pant-wearing lady President ( I’m getting the vapours just thinking about it…) or another republican chump, this time one without a name called Bush, but with hair like a groomed bush and a name like Trump.

Enough of the light-hearted political banter, guaranteed to make you squirm. On with the award show. Today, we’re ( that is, I am ) announcing a dethronment. Yes, TheLadyoftheCakes is not longer the lead contributor to the comments section of this blog. 2015 is the year of A.PromptReply .

SloWord-Irregular-Jan2016Here is your award, please step forward, A.PromptReply. Unlike other award shows we don’t start playing music in the middle of your acceptance speech to tell you you’re overdoing the God, my Mom, my Dad, my loving husband, wife, kids, producers, writers and the guy who hangs around doing god-only-knows-what and and oh, my 3 dogs, 4 cats, my budgerigar and the girl who does my nails, whose name is probably Lily, but they all look the same to me and I’ve never really bothered to check. In other words, be as effusive as you wish. You’re probably thinking, “Ajesh, if you would shut the hell up, I could actually start on my speech…” and so I’m going to step aside now and …. uh oh, yeah one more thing.. this award is totally scientific and said monkeys at WordPress say so, so there. Read more about it. If you wish. Link is provided below.

So, congratulations, A.PromptReply on a job well-done. TheLadyoftheCakes, sorry, can’t win them all. Resolve to try harder in the next quarter, year, sixteenths or whenever the next Irregular Awards are handed.

They are irregular…

All you others, honourable mentions and Top 5 losers contenders, you need to UP your game. This award is not yet prestigious but who knows, eh? Someday, it just might become famous and have attached to it a certain cachet.

Hey, wilder things have happened…

A.PromptReply – you may now start your acceptance speech..



Click here to see the complete report.

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  1. A.PROMPTreply

    Oh my…..I am honoured! What a trip to pull up my Reader and see my own blog name staring me in the face! Alas, I have no “producers, writers and the guy who hangs around doing god-only-knows-what”, or “lady that does my nails”…….do have a cat and a dog who do lazily slumber while I read and comment on your magnificent posts, so perhaps we’ll thank them, eh? Better yet, let’s thank you…the writer of this blog that keeps me so entertained. The pleasure has been all mine, Ajesh. Look forward to another year with you!

    1. A.PROMPTreply

      P.S. Have now added award to my Awards Page, so it’s official!

    2. TheLastWord

      told ya I had a surprise for ya. You win by a good margin, actually

      Thanks for being there and reading the convoluted rubbish I put out there..

  2. adsunsri

    The award is soooo very unfair and prejudiced and given solely by the title of the blog and the survey mornings got it wrong as they simply sat at the desk and extrapolated….it is always like this ..” miss Columbia” or a ” miss Venezuela…:-D:-P

  3. adsunsri

    sorry…survey monkeys..even my spell check seems to be against our ancestors…or in recent years become cousins with 98% DNA match.

    1. TheLastWord

      Unfair? You’re calling the3 WordPress monkeys biased. The awards themselves are Irregular 🙂

  4. NancyTex

    Gah! Third place. Slow close and yet so far away.

    1. TheLastWord

      keep at it… the top’s not so far away.. 🙂

      1. NancyTex

        Oh, I’m a competitive one, that’s for sure.

        1. TheLastWord

          well, there you are! I fully expect you to win the next Irregular Award. 🙂

  5. pixie

    4th place! Well.. It’s not too bad! I haven’t lost my place to Pankti 😛 😉
    The names for the presidential candidates has me reaching for vapors ! It’s going to be a year long circus!

    1. TheLastWord

      Are you in 4th place? no? really? I need to validate the results..

    2. TheLastWord

      pfft! 4th place went to a 60-year-old man in Montreal!

      1. pixie

        Aww! Shucks! Whatever. It’s still above Pankti 😉
        That’s all that matters! 😉
        *dances away*