<This page is devoted to the peculiar brand of fanfiction that I started writing a while ago. The main characters have been taken from the children’s books written by Enid Blyton. In this tale, PC Theophilus Goon, the bumbling village policeman, has finally received his due rewards and moved to Scotland Yard as a detective. His new assistant, is the kid who tormented him back in the village, an adult Frederick Trotteville. The Superintendent is Alicia Johns whose assistant is the lovely Gwendoline Mary. Everyone has grown up. Everyone has their challenges. 

Check back often as this page will receive additional chapters at the whim and fancy of the lazy SloWord, master of this domain.>


Chapter 1 Goon meets his new assistant, F. Trotteville
Chapter 2 Goon and Fatty review the case
Chapter 3 The investigation starts in a very scaly neighbourhood
Chapter 4 Mrs Miller’s story
Chapter 5 Coffee and a chat
Chapter 6 What happened to Inspector Jenks?
Chapter 7 Gwen gets some news

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