From time to time I vent document my frustrations with my writing by writing a piece about my problems. Sometimes these are useful for others, some not so, but help me get over my immediate writer’s block.

I also tend to think of every problem from a product perspective, so some of these are concerned with the presentation of my thoughts and articles rather than the content. In other words, some of these are focused on how the article or blog itself is laid out and presented while a few ( very few ) are about the practice of writing itself.

Here they are then, I’ve segregated them into 2 main groups, viz. Writing and Blogging. Note that I consider Blogging as a sub-category of Writing, so some of the contents of one are possibly equally applicable to the other.


Discussions about the craft of writing, How Tos, experiences, lessons learned
AnnouncementThe Divorce Announcement
EssayHow to Bear a bear
Essay based on a reader's opinion of my writing styleShameless Flamboyance
How ToHow To Write a Story
An Announcement Soliciting FeedbackThe Play
List5 Great Passages
List - The *most* read article on SloWord, by farHow To Write a Novel
How To - HumourHow To Write Good
Essay - My struggle with writing fictionFictional Romance
Essay - rantPride in your post
Essay - The Art of character buildingBuilding Character
Essay - ObservationAt Starbucks
Essay - Writing style and gender Gender and the blogger
EssayIf Grammar is dying
EssayAuthors I have read and loved
Essay - Combating Writer's BlockBlock!
EssayThe Obsolescence of phrases and the t-Shirt bra


Blogging, tips, experiences, lessons learned, news and updates
Lessons LearnedMy experience with Social media in 2015
2016 SloWord Award ShowThe 2nd Irregular SloWord Awards
2015 SloWord Award ShowThe 1st Irregular SloWord Awards
News200th Blog Post
Lesson LearnedLate kate - Regret
2016 Birthmonth Festival2nd Annual Birthmonth Festival
2015 Birthmonth Festival1st Annual Birthmonth Festival
Lessons LearnedInsights
NewsAbout Updates
NewsHappy Fifth Anniversary
NewsUltimate Blog Challenge
UpdatesUpdated Travels
UpdatesIndexed Memory
newsBlogging news
Lessons Learned2014: The year
Lessons LearnedPride, Prejudice and Curiosity
Lessons Learned - storyThe Mercy of Strangers
UpdatesConing soon
Lessons LearnedHow To mak people uncomfortable
EssayLate Kate - Radiant Way Reader
NewsTerrible Two
EssayLittle Red Writer - 1
EssayLittle Red Blog - 0
EssayBottledworder wants to know
EssayBlogs and the Common Man
Lessons LearnedThe Power of Cats
Lessons LearnedTen reasons why I blog
Lessons LearnedAbout Blog posts
EssayIt's Mine
UpdatesNew! Improved! Now with Real Fruit!
Lessons LearnedChicken longingly computer
Lessons LearnedAjesh’s Adventures in Adminland
EssayRecognizing a blogger friend
EssayA Week of Achievements