Ok – you’re here so I guess you really want to know….

I’m peeved about many things and I also happen to have been born a Punjabi. I live in Canada now, which as any American knows, is a frozen wasteland somewhere near the North Pole.

It’s taken me a while to get here – blame that pompous ass, The Slo-Man. The Last Word left all the setup to him and now we all know why he’s called the Slo-Man. If he ever manages to write a sentence less than 200 words in length we’ll all rejoice.

Meanwhile, that oily romantic, The Last Word, is busy living in the past. He also claims to be a consultant in real life – whatever! He’s a a lost cause.

Anyway – boys and girls, possums and darlings, I’m here at last and aren’t you the lucky ones!!

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  1. Soumya R

    I hope you butter, lassi, chaas and dal makhani. I want to know your take on Art and Happiness. Write something soon! 🙂

      1. TheLastWord

        Did you know that I and the PeevedPunjabi share the same birthday? And that we have the same mother? Who also shares a birthday with both of us? Actually, the SloMan also shares a birthday and mother. Oh, yeah – LeggieLefty too!

        Weird eh?