The 2020 Irregular Sloword Birthmonth Festival


It’s ON, right now. All through the month of August, SloWord features posts from Guests in honour of this August Festival.

It’s Irregular, it’s on SloWord and it celebrates the BirthMonth of Mother Teresa, Ajesh Sharma, Ajesh Sharma’s Mom, and all of Ajesh Sharma’s avatars viz: The SloMan, The LastWord, PeevedPunjabi, LeggieLefty and Unclejee.

Read all the submissions! Enjoy the diversity! The murders! The messages of Hope!

Click this to read all of them! 

If you would like to contribute your little bit of original and never before published work here as part of this festival, use the “Contact Me” form to send in your query.

Deadline is 31-Aug-2020!

Comments are Free, so go ahead!

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