Sex and Marriage

“MARRIAGE AND PISTOL LICENSE” office sign, Dekalb County, Georgia (United States) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So recently, some female author, trying to flog her book, sponsored a debate on premarital sex. Briefly, she asked, Yes or No.
Of course the usual pseudo social activists were quick to jump in with both feet condemning with many references to cultural heritage, some faux religious mumbo jumbo and a overall sense of outrage at the topic itself.
Some compared “Indian” culture to “Western” culture, holding that the Indian cultural heritage does not countenance such goings on and what may be acceptable in the decadent “West” would not and should not make it’s ugly way into India. (The female author is Indian and the book is aimed squarely at Indians..).
To these people I asked: (more…)

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30 Years On the Rocks


Then - note beautiful mustache matched with beautiful girl.
Then – note beautiful mustache matched with beautiful girl.
It has been a long time. Yet, it seems just like just the other day the Slo-Man was young, slim and gormless instead of what he is today, middle-aged, fat and gormless.
This is one of those momentous posts that are now given to the Slo-Man to write. For this marks an anniversary. Thirty years ago today the Beloved Bangalan took the Slo-Man (more…)

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