First Day of School – DBPC

English: Picture taken from the roof top of th...
English: Picture taken from the roof top of the High School wing of Don Bosco School, Park Circus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I spent 8.5 years in DBPC, or to give it its full name Don Bosco, Park Circus. My last day there was the 17th of March, 1978, and I well remember rushing down the stairs after the last ISC-12 exam, excited at finally finishing with school. But I’ve also never forgotten my first day there.

Shortly after I came to Calcutta,┬áchronicled here, I was told that (more…)

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What is or who did?

<This memory was jogged by reading┬áthis post> My last school, (I had 3), took inter-school competitions seriously. If it decided to compete in something, team selection was serious business. When I first started there midway through Grade 4, football (soccer, if American), was the game the school took seriously. The "A" team was a very serious contender year after year in the Archbishop's Cup. There were also "B", "C" and "D" teams, highlighting the depth of talent…

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