Spring in the air!

“Why should I?”, you ask.

And you may have a point there. Spring is still not fully sprung; it is in fact still a bit of spring chicken. Living (or staying, if Indian) in the Golden Horseshoe, aka Costa Occidental del Lago Ontario, you would be hard pressed to find visible or sensual signs of spring. (There you go, Mr Domingo Gomes – alliterations for you. Now give me the marks I deserve!)

Hower, as my Cost Accounting and Taxation professor used to say, the spring solstice is officially past us now and so we must ask ourselves a few searching questions. Here we go.

1. Where is it? What? That’s not quite what is meant by “searching question”? Oh ok, then, let’s start over. First we must clear up one thing. Do we restart the numbering or should the next question be numbered 2? It’s what is known, I believe, as a point of disorder… Since I’m writing this and you’re not, I get to decide.

Winter Beach on Lake Ontario ~
Winter Beach on Lake Ontario ~ (Photo credit: **Mary**)

2. Why is it that +4c in spring is so much warmer than +4c in late September? Riddle me ree that one. The correct answer obviously has to do with sensory anticipation. (There isn’t any such thing, as far as I know, I’m just typing stream of consciousness stuff. I don’t really have a plan for this post…)

3. Why do readers of this blog, read and then melt away without a trace? The blog doesn’t bite, each comment is acknowledged and appropriately too. Please, if you’re one of the 100 people who read this and disappear without a comment, it is spring, a Time for New Beginnings. Actually, this is probably a better time to make resolutions than the first of January. Resolve that from now on you will not only read but leave comments.

4. We come now to a matter of some import, finally. LeggieLefty feels that he does not belong here and his Innovative Solutions for the Problems that Face the Great Game of Cricket are being lost amongst the rest of the blog. He has proposed that he move himself out of here and onto his own dedicated blog.

What do you folks think? Should LeggieLefty go away and write his own creekit blog? Data from your responses will be analysed (analyzed, if American) at the end of 7 days from the date of this post and a final decision will be communicated to you on this blog. So let us know, please, else I shall just have to take an ecjucootiu decision.

5. And, ladies, gentlemen and others, here comes the REAL QUESTION: What do we write about next? I have received some suggestions and there are some stories I’ve been threatening to write for a while. Here are the options

  1. No ID? No Problem (been promised many times, started 3 times and yet you have not seen it)
  2. Prohibition (triggered by a request for a post on whisky by the lovely Viveka)
  3. Yeast is Yeast and Waste is Waste (I have no idea what this is about, but it sounds great, doesn’t it?)
  4. CLR (you had to be there… may not be as funny written down so I’ll have to pad it fulsomely)
  5. The Old and the Blissful – A Soap Opera (this promises to be a fun and interactive activity. For ages 18 and up. Triggered by a healthy discussion amongst some wonderfully imaginative people)
  6. The Nose Knows (a highly topical post given the season, the Season of Allergies)

Let us to know!

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This Post Has 21 Comments

    1. TheLastWord

      He he! I think if I write about okra again I’m going to get hate mail!!! I’ll have to give it a decent interval and then spring (ahem) it on them suddenly when they aren’t looking.

      1. ladyofthecakes

        I’ll be there, defending its (and your) honour!

        1. TheLastWord

          Thanks much!!In that case, I may brave it.

  1. viveka29

    If you write on bhindi
    I will create a shindy
    If you write on cricket
    You’ll get a ticket
    But if you write on bhiskey
    You won’t be thought a phusky :)))
    Now you explain that one to your occidental readers :p

    1. TheLastWord

      I thought you liked okra!! Just the other day you were exhorting me, yes exhorting, urging me to dedicate a post to bhindi… make up you mind, dear lady!
      Besides look up ^^ – I’ve had another request for an okra post!

  2. viveka29

    Have heard enough about the bhindi
    Its too much for even me
    Why don’t you write about tindi
    Or even about Pindi
    But no more bhindi
    – or I will inundate your blog with bad verse 😀
    The only thing worse than bhindi are your posts on strange languages that don’t exist for humankind !!!!

    1. TheLastWord

      uh – the only strange language I have used is English and I try to provide translations and alternate spellings in parentheses, you know… the things that look like opposing crescent moons like so () ?
      It’s all right, people, I’ve known Viveka for 3 decades or more ….

      1. viveka29

        You are now being deliberately obtuse – I mean your posts on computer languages – and yes I have known this bloke for around 35 years or so 🙂

        1. TheLastWord

          well – I think you were being obfuscatory…

  3. mamlu chatterjee

    Yeast is Yeast and Waste is Waste gets my vote, followed swiftly by the Old & Blissful.
    and yes i agree about the new resolutions being made at the advent of spring.
    WHAT! you’re still reading this! Go start writing!!!

    1. TheLastWord

      oh dear – I had no idea why I put that in there. It just flowed, you see and I let it flow.
      Drat – I’ll have to invent something for it now…

  4. chsuresh63

    Hahaha! I have an answer for that ‘read and disappear’ 🙂 Most readers are the ‘Do unto others as others do unto you’ types 🙂 Which, in effect, means that they are all too busy asking YOU why you read and disappear without commenting from their blogs that they cannot comment on yours 🙂

    1. TheLastWord

      Yes – I’ve been a major culprit there. I’ve fallen behind in my reading (and writing) very badly due to a long flu thing. But I’m catching up, by next week I shall be fully caught up with my reading and commenting.
      In my defence – if I read i ALWAYS leave a comment. It’s a matter of principle. I NEVER read and scoot.

  5. fairypankti

    First time on your blog…seems funny things happen here 🙂

    1. TheLastWord

      Greetings from the Canadian Riviera, FairyPankti! Funny things sometimes happen here. At other times really boring things happen. And in one or two cases, even tragic, pathos-filled things happen here. Good to see you here. Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope you will take time to explore the blog.
      There is more to it than Okra, you know!

  6. wiseguy from the east

    this is the question that should have been asked the great computer in The Hitchhikers guide to the Universe

    1. TheLastWord

      funny thing is…. after all these years I have not yet read that book? I know the answer is 42, but somehow never laid eyes on the book. Library run recommended…

  7. saurabham

    But how do u know that people are reading and disappearing? u may have only a handful reader 🙂 🙂

    1. TheLastWord

      I do have a handful of readers. Only. Admitted that many times. As for the first question, the answer is WordPress stats. I know for example that someone in India spent some time reading multiple posts and pages. If we call total # of visitors as X and the number if comments as Y we can compute a ratio because WordPress gives me the value of X and Y.