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She Seeks

She Seeks is the fifth book of short stories in the “She” series. Written by women around the world from various backgrounds, this book explores the methods people use to “navigate a complex world”.

A desire to revisit the past, or nostalgia, is one aspect of this discovery process. Another is the investigation of a problem and the various solutions available, maybe even gain some self-realization for future growth and capabilities.

The SHE project’s main aim is to provide a creative platform for women’s voices and their reflections from daily lives. None of the authors come from a ‘purely literary’ background – and yet, as scientists, bankers, professors, engineers, managers and homemakers, they all have a story to share.

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L’Ange Protecteur – by Resham Bhattacharya

This nostalgia mixed with elements of mystery.

A powerful tale, this is, of a relationships, deceits, and the question of propiety. The story is well told, with descriptions that require a bit of background in literature and Indian social norms to fully comprehend. The story does not lag, moving on between the mysteries, disappointments and threats of the past, mixed with the mystery of Maya Mashi and her life story. A new mother coming to terms with motherhood, infidelity and the ghosts of the past has a fleeting moment of peace, which leads, unfortunately and inevitably to enhanced anger. A story that I’d like to see being developed into a larger story. I can see it, as I read it, as a movie.

Infidelity is in itself pretty shameful and hurtful. The blame, shame and whispered rumours that are generated stay on to ensure the wounds never quite heal.

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