For some time now we have been noticing that LeggieLefty has been “very disinterested”. His last post was written in April, 6 months ago. On a few occasions he has thrown away his post, despite such opportunities as “Red Monday”, the day when Bangladesh scored over 600 and Australia fell apart. He missed the collapse of the English empire, the purge on bendy-arm offspin and the entire India v England series. He has defended his decision to ignore the IPL and the CLT, whatever they are.

While we agree on that last item, we have decided the time is right to look to the future and start to rebuild not only the team but also team ethic and philosophy.

It has therefore been decided that LeggieLefty will be leaving us to operate his own distinct blog. We will continue to work together, to promote the values for which this blog has always stood, values that are shared by LeggieLefty as well. These are.

  • Clarity: We are sure clarity works for some people. However, it would not be right for our idiom and runs contrary to our policy of obfuscation.
  • Purpose: The purpose of this blog is to serve no purpose.
  • Grammar: We like it. A sentence with 5 clauses is the pinnacle and we aspire to nothing less than to be at the very top, except when we may be faced with a fast, swinging, left handed blogger, when it is possible that one of us may retire and another claim medical leave.
  • Spellings: Those too, except that we don’t really understand them, but we remain hopeful.
  • Nouns as verbs: Death to them, we say. These are as American as baseball and such a near resemblance, and so commercial that we have no choice but to avert our face from this horrid spectacle.
  • Awards: We haven’t won any, but they will be nice to have if we ever do.

LeggieLefty will now be found at

We wish him all the best.

The LastWord has this statement to make:

SloWord owes a debt of gratitude to LeggieLefty who has proved to be one of the most talented and exciting bloggers to ever represent this blog and his 8 posts are a testimony to his immense skill. This decision brings some clarity now for the future of the SloWord. We all wish LeggieLefty the very best in the rest of his career.

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