Thank you for your patronage over the last year. 2013 was a year of sudden growth, with many new readers coming to read what we had to say. Almost all were kind enough to say something nice or when they had nothing nice to say said nothing at all. We are not sure that that is a good thing. We don’t always want rave reviews, so if you do have some “constructive feedback”, or what we call “criticism”, feel free to share it with us. We’ll probably go “hmmpff, what does he /she know?” and proceed to ignore you completely but it will make you feel better for getting it off your chest.
Meanwhile, 2014 is here and so we are pleased to present a brand new look for this blog. So what, you ask, is new? Here is a release note: (we once were techies….)

  1. New clean, modern layout with a modern easy-read font using the Motif theme.
  2. A new uncluttered Top Menu, featuring the pages that nobody seemed to read.
  3. A secondary menu at the right offers easy access to all the content you’ve been dying to read.
  4. In keeping with the philosophy to remove clutter, the share icons that allow you to share our wonderful content with your friends (on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc) are now hidden behind a “Share” button.
  5. Removed the list of blogs we read. We read so many, that it was hard to maintain that list. In a future release we shall transfer them to a page dedicated just to these great writers and the wonderful content they share with us.

We hope you like the changes. Please keep coming back, reading, commenting and generally continuing to the conversation.
Thank you.

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  1. Malavika Srivastava

    Liked the new look and changes

  2. Anonymous

    don’t really remember what the old one looked like ! but this one’s cool 🙂

    1. Slo-Man

      Hmm…. well, glad you liked it. There’s really no excuse for not remembering the old look, though, but as long as you keep coming back to read, we’re ok! 🙂

  3. josna

    “…with many new readers coming to read what we had to say.”
    Multiple personality syndrome or the Royal We?
    Just kidding! I really enjoy reading your blog. Happy New year!

    1. Slo-Man

      Definitely the multiple personalities. Though there are people who believe we can sometimes be very regal and snobbish. Happy new year to you!