Redesign and a reunification

Thermometer-lazy-3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, you will notice immediately that the look of the blog has changed a wee bit.

Change log:

  1. The color purple has been replaced by a more sombre grey.
  2. Click on Home and see a brand new Featured Posts Slider. Amazing, eh?
  3. The 3 most recent posts appear in a separate band between that Amazing Slider and the rest of the posts. Just a minor bit of enhancements to keep you interested…. and on your toes.
  4. A long lost brother is back from exile! Yes, indeed, we felt bad that we had banished Leggielefty to an outhouse. We’ve kissed and made up and made him welcome back here again. We’ve given him his own page here. Now all he has to do is get off his lazy ass ( like the rest of the contributors here he is also notoriously lazy. Not surprising, actually, since he also resides in the same lazy body as the rest of them…) Don’t forget to check out his page and read some of the posts you mahe missed! I know! You probably meant to miss them. But now there is no excuse…. you don’t have to go to another blog. It’s all right here, in this here very blog!

Actually, since this body is lazy… maintaining 2 blogs was painful 🙂 🙂

I do hope you like the new changes. Do let me know, won’t you?


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