New! Improved! now with real fruit!

Really? No!
Just an updated menu to make finding things easier in this crazy, mixed up blog. The blog has so many different flavors, as the two personalities write contrasting pieces.
But, while there is no real fruit here, we are happy to announce that yet another personality will be taking up writing duties on this blog.
The Peeved Punjabi has been sitting on the sidelines, seething while waiting for an invite to write. And real soon now, we expect to see him airing his grievances on this blog.
Stay tuned – all you ten readers!

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  1. Raj Makkar

    Hey, what’s ur peeve my Punjabi friend!!! Look up maan!!! Life rocks…balle balle!!! 🙂

    1. Slo-Man

      He has many peeves, that one! He’s not yet fully setup yet, or you would have heard from The Peeved One himself.

  2. peevedpunjabi

    What’s my peeve? You mean what’s my peeve for the day or hour? Keep checking in if you really wanna know! I’ll give you peeves!
    And what’s with the Punjabi obsession with bats, eh? Balle Balle indeed….