This page is dedicated to the bloggers we’ve found during our travels through the blogosphere.

Blogs that are well-written. Blogs that have something to say. Blogs that say it well. Blogs that entertain. Blogs that make us think. Blogs that make us scream. Blogs that make us laugh. Blogs that make us grin. Blogs that make us smile. Blogs that are Little Red – just like the Slo-Word.

IF your blog has more than 200 followers AND averages more than 10 comments per post AND averages more than 75 visitors per day AND has ever been Freshly Pressed AND won an award of any kind THEN you are not little read. Simply think to yourself, “Not I. My blog is famous and Well Read. I’m much too big for the Little Red Blog” and go away and write something. We shall come over and read it soon, but only if you deign to post your URL here or otherwise put in your comments. (We’re devilishly fiendish, eh?) OTHERWISE you’re Little Red. Add your blog URL in the comments here. Wait impatiently for a few more clicks and maybe a comment or two.

The Not-so-Fine-Print:

IF you’re selling religion or politics or any other form of human suffering OR your blog is so full of advertisements that finding the content requires the help of expert text-processing software OR you’re selling fake SEO techniques OR you’re a curator of other people’s blogs THEN you will be removed, deleted and blocked from ever darkening our door again.

IF your grammar is shamefully poor OR your blogs can’t be read because of the background OR your thinking processes are muddled OR you are incapable of stringing a thought from start to logical end THEN there’s nothing we can do, but go “tut, tut” and hope that you see the error of your ways and improve yourself.

The final decision on what stays or goes out rests with a tribunal headed by The Peeved Punjabi with the The Slo-Man and The Last Word as members. In matters relating to cricket, LeggieLefty may be consulted. You may or may not be given a warning or notification. Rules may change at any time depending on the whim of the tribunal.

Enjoy! Use! Hopefully, we will all get some some more readers / commenters soon.

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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. the guru

    Hahahaha I love this. The last time I came around this place I never took the time to read it, I do not know why but I was very wrong. I almost missed out on something great. Well this place is great, my blog gets very minimal likes and I just found a place where I can find people like me! here,

    1. TheLastWord

      I hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson, Guru! 🙂 Never leave a blog without browsing a bit, leaving a comment or two. Even a polite, “Read it” is better than nothing. Except, of course, if the blog is so unspeakably bad that you’d rather just slink out without a trace….

      1. the guru

        Yeah. I never leave a blog without reading, I do not even know what I was doing then that is why something kept telling me to come back, which I did.
        and you are right, an unspeakable blog is left silently… without the slightest bit of a trace.

  2. TheLastWord

    I fear people may be a little confused aboot this. Yes, I live in Canada. Why do you ask? Sorry – back to TLRB. There was an altruistic fervor, uh, well, maybe not fervor, but at least a do-good, feel-good passion, no, that’s too strong a word, feeling. Since then the logical side of my brain has woken up and the voices in my head have started up.

    “Why”, they ask, politely but persistently, as they do ever so often.

    So finally I was, as always, forced to stop doing and start thinking, so, indulge me, if you will, as you sometimes do, as I think out blog here.

    Objective: Develop a platform for bloggers to widen their reach and readership. The idea was to provide a list of little-known (or Little Red) bloggers we read and who read us. By bringing them all together we’d all be able to cross-pollinate readers and gain a wider slice of the eyeballs and minds out there.

    As Objectives go, it was a noble one. However, it turned out to be simply inert at birth and so the chemistry just did not work. As far as valences go, people who read it and people who didn’t were both equally ambivalent.

    (What? You chuckled at the thoroughly mixed metaphor? Hmmm….send me a note. We may have things to discuss.)

    So to get things started, once a month (or twice, maybe thrice, but definitely not more than 7 or 12 times) we are going to post some blogs we think you should read with some introductions for each. Blogs we think are written well, express it well and make you think and feel.

    Here are the first one or two.

    1. Here is a dad. A dad who is sensitive and writes with sensitivity. An outrageous dad, funny and loving and did I mention sensitive?

    2. And here is a writer, who writes intelligently and simply. She tells stories that make a point so gently that you can almost miss them, but you never do. Her writing is too good for that.