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Yes, a new post will be coming soon. Don’t know when, don’t know what about. Certainly not kittens or cats.  Because we hate all cats here at SloWord. With a passion… Yes, a passion usually reserved for a hearty sneeze or a good crap. (or should it be the other way around?)
I think it’s going to be a travel post. Possibly we shall continue with the Punjabi in Paris series, the one that was interrupted by the 8-part Nepali epic. Maybe, just maybe, I will tell you about Saskatoon, the jewel of the Prairies, Land of Living Skies, Land of Cold Fries.

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Or maybe it’ll be another How To? Or How Not To?
Back in the day, we had those request programs on radio, where you called in days in advance to request the song of your choice. Then you huddled together on the Sunday afternoon waiting to have your request called out and then the song. Ah, the simple joys, the Sunday lunches, the Sunday naps, the Sunday f.. uh, forgot what I was going to say.
Or maybe a recipe or one (just to boost traffic, because food ALWAYS brings people.)
I shall not attempt any more interactive posts, ALL of them sank without a trace. ALL. Amazing, but true. I was going to do that soap opera interactive, but now you’ll just have to wonder about how fantastic that would have been. But there, you did not buy the product so sadly we have to take it off the market. Pressed Rat and Warthog have closed down their shop.
I will be bark. Soon. With something. In the meantime, enjoy this little souffle.
If you’re still reading that is.
Because you know not everyone gets to the end of each post.
Really, it’s over. You can go back to whatever you were wasting your time on before you wasted your time on this.
I’m leaving.
Pushing the Publish button.
This time I’m really going.
Finally, bye for now!

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