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Portage from Gentoo Linux after calling for up...
Portage from Gentoo Linux after calling for updates (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following the dictum “when you have no creativity to offer but a blog post is expected, then make some improvements to the blog and write about it”, I present to you NEW, IMPROVED:

1. An integrated About page. How cool is that? Other blogs have ‘a’ blog page, this one has ‘many’. So naturally, people read none of it. Now, you can simply click on the “About” in the menu and be presented with a single page that holds all the other Abouts pages. Actually, I cheaped out and provided links to the rest of the Abouts, but hey, it’s all “user friendly” now, giving you an even awesomer ( I hope we have an awesome summer..) UX = User eXperience.

2. Updated the widgets on the right, and updated the footer widgets. I downgraded some of the data shown in the widgets, moved them around a bit to try and make them flow better.

3. Added a copyright notice in the hope that someone will actually read and find something worth copying. Hope springs eternal, they tell me…


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    1. TheLastWord

      Oh Thank you for linking to my blog. Glad it helped you (a) blog more (b) gain readership. You are right, I failed the challenge spectacularly, due to a number of reasons.

      I hope my blog provides more than such information, though. I hope you’ll come back to read it more often.