A Week of Achievements

Is it Thursday? Wow, how time flies when you’re having fun. So what have I done so far?

1. Completely redesigned and reengineered the layout of the Synology NAS. Made external drives accessible to my Macbook as well as the Windows machine seamlessly. The Buffalo NAS is next to be gutted and redesigned.
2. Completed draft of one short story.
3. Reached the final stages of The Play.
4. Bought 3 books with my birthday present gift card. ( Only 4 months have gone by,… SloMan is my alter-ego, remember?)
5. Downloaded all my memoirs off my blog (WordPress) ย and transferred them into a document. ( Inbox me if you want to learn how this is done. It ain’t as easy as you think..)
6. Figured out preliminary structure of One Bluish Egg ( don’t ask… or rather, do ask.)
7. Won no awards.
8. Returned no awards. See #7 above.
9. Stayed out of political debates.
10. Ignored religious nut jobs religiously.
11. Found out the business website was messed up and fixed it. Plus (bonus) got all the pages up to Yoast’s SEO green light standards.

So quite a good week overall, no?

An unkempt office – pic (c) Ajesh Sharma.

Of course, there are things that went off-course, such as

1. The app I’m building hit a snag. Apparently Visual Basic for Applications ( VBA) does not work as logically as I would like. Simple things like calling a pre-built query need you to jump through hoops. Filtering the data source for a form is iffy, which means it doesn’t work they way I think it should work.
2. I wrote absolutely no poetry at all. No wait… this needs to go above to the Achievements section!
3. I didn’t sort out all those old cables.
4. I haven’t crawled under the work surface to correctly route all those cables.
5. I wasn’t able to install the top two shelves in the laundry room cupboard because I can’t reach with a longer ladder.
6. My office is a mess, with every inch of the workspace littered with paper, cricket balls, pencils, pens, cameras, drummers brushes, assorted office supplies, old hard drive enclosures, books and scattered photographs and a jacket.

Today: I resolve to bring to a resolution #s 3,4,5 in the OffCourse List.

Why did I write this post, you ask? You ask? Really! You should know better by now. I write because it relieves boredom, helps procrastination by simulating actual work and generally amuses me to.

Do let me know if any of the above confuses you in anyway or leaves you mystified. I’ll be happy to explain it all in excruciating detail.

Because that’s the kind of nice guy I am.

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  1. adsunsri

    Wish this comment column was a reward me program:D
    Kudos on your accomplishments and conquests! This post definitely relieved me of my boredom, monotony and listlessness!!!

    1. TheLastWord

      Listen, if you keep commenting you may dethrone Ladyofthecakes as Leading Commenter and win the SloWord award at the next Irregular SloWord Awards.


      1. adsunsri

        At;east I win an award…unlike my counterparts here!

  2. ladyofthecakes

    Phew for #2 in the off-course section. More of that, please!

    1. TheLastWord

      I shall try and stay away from those…. Actually, good news for you, I seem to have run out of all the scribbles I found in that old file. So looks like that little affliction is over for now..

      1. ladyofthecakes

        And in return, I shall refrain from posting any more cat pictures. Do we have a deal…?

        1. TheLastWord

          We have a deal! Harps play and angels sing!

  3. roughwighting

    Fun list of achievements, and etc. You lost me at SEO and NAS (absolutely zero tech brain here) but I applauded as I read your success with completing drafts, working on Play, and I’d love to know about One Bluish Egg. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. TheLastWord

      heh heh! Thanks!

      One Bluish Egg was laid 4 years ago, is nowhere close to hatching. ๐Ÿ™‚