Good Moaning, Fiends!

Good Moaning! Hey Fiends! "Good Moaning, Fiends", isn't the title of my new book in the Horror Genre. It is about fiends, yes. And also about the moanings that are generated every day. Whether the moaning is good or terrible or merely bad, is best left to you to feel. I thought about…

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Authenticity I've been busy these last few months. Therefore, I haven't had time to do lots of things. I did, however, scan a few posts on the three social media sites where I uh maintain some sort of presence viz, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. There's one thing that's bugged me; a pattern that…

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My experience with Social Media in 2015

2015 was the year I invested in a "social presence". Here is my honest review and my responses to the current state. Facebook provides the bulk of my traffic, followed by Wordpress. Facebook has destroyed the concept of Friend and totally diminished and warped the meaning of the word "like".I received connection requests…

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