Right Hand Man Chapter 9

"Good morning, Liz." Liz looked up from her notebook and smiled at Darrell. "Good morning. I wasn't expecting to see you today. After the late night celebrations I thought you'd sleep in!" she said. Darrell sat down with her coffee and offered Liz her plate of croissants. Liz shook her head. Darrell tore…

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Right Hand Man – Chapter 1

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English: London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The phone rang and Goon picked it up.

“Detective Sergeant Goon? This is Gwen from Superintendent Johns’ office. The Super would like to meet you at 11 today. Would you please come around to my office around by 10:55. The Super does not like to be kept waiting. Thanks”

Goon replaced the phone and shifted uneasily in (more…)

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