Blogs and the "Common Man"

The other day I was pissed off at a comment I read on another blog (not mine). The commenter felt the author was either showing off or writing for personal satisfaction, because it was not fit for the common man. He chose to remain "Anonymous" which tells us everything we need to know about him / her. We've already said that vanity does play a role in blogging. It's the other part of the insinuation that annoyed…

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if grammar is dying

The immediacy of internet tools such as Twitter and Wordpress and the ease with which anyone with time, little or no talent and nothing original to say can write and be published seem to have broken the shackles with which grammar bound the lazy and diffident and the modern reader has neither the taste to appreciate a phrase well done nor the inclination to successfully parse a sentence that contains not an iota of clich├ęd sentiment. For…

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