Critical Fame

With the recent death of a famous critic, the Slo-Man is once again struck by a thought he's talked about in an earlier post. This is not aimed at anyone in particular, the Slo-Man is conscious that bereavement is never easy for the family and friends. He has no quibble with the person, he does wonder about the person's profession. Who really cares what a professional critic has to say about a movie or a play? The…

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about Vanity, Fame and Notoriety

The LLBF came by with a rueful smile on his face – he is getting a nose job! According to him it is a necessary evil and is not driven by vanity, his advancing years (he is wildly and mildly middle-aged) exacerbating a chronic condition. And the Slo-Man listened to the LLBF expound on the risk factors as explained to him by his doctor and it made him wonder – what manner of people are vain enough…

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