The Date of the Jackal

Time to reblog an old(er) story. Since all my stories are (essentially) true, I have no qualms about recycling them every Thursday. I suspect some of my newer readers (Ha!) may have missed these gems and I cannot stand by and not bring some joy into their lives. Altruistic - that's the word. Yup, that's me.

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The Coconut Oil Chaperone

I am going to put the disclaimer on top. I have obfuscated names to provide some privacy for the parties involved. However, some readers may yet recognize or feel they recognize the others in this story. If you are one of these readers, please help me maintain the illusion of privacy. Remember, deniability is 9/10ths of privacy. Now that I have suitably whetted your appetite and sharpened your interest by stropping my keyboard on the whetstone of…

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