Right Hand Man

A Goon and Fatty Mystery

Fan Fiction. No copyright infringement intended.

Episode 1

Detective Sergeant Theophilus Goon of Scotland Yard meets his new assistant, Frederick Trotteville.

Episode 2

The game is afoot as Goon and Fatty get started on each other and on the new case.

Episode 3

The new team of Goon and Fatty drive out for their very first time interviewing a complainant.

Episode 4

The lovely Mrs Miller has an intriguing tale to tell, but only once tea has been served.

Episode 5

Goon and Fatty settle down to chat about Mrs Miller’s story and plan their next steps

Episode 6

Fatty wants the truth about Inspector Jenks’ death, but Goon doesn’t want to talk about it.

Episode 7

Gwendoline Lacey, assistant to Superintendent Alica Johns hurries home and makes a phone call.

Episode 8

The analysis from Chapter 6 continues and a startling set of patterns emerge!

Episode 9

Investigating Inspector Jenks’ death takes a new turn as a couple of old friends meet.

Episode 10

Darrell meets an equestrian champion and discovers they have friends in common.