My interview

The good folks at Pens, Paws and Claws decided they should run an interview. They scouted around for a suitable candidate and, lo and behold, they found me! Thus, hence, ergo, therefore and so, my answers to the questions they posed now appear on the blog - Pens, Paws and Claws. I must say this was quite an experience. I've never been interviewed before. Other than about 8 million job interviews, 7.995 million of which I successfully…

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The SloWord Interview

Well, it's new. This blog has moved here to its permanent residence, after nearly ten years of living under a temporary shelter. Vee hopes you are loving ze purple tinge!! To celebrate and implement this change we took SloWord aside and gave him ( them? ) the fifth degree. Yes, the fifth degree is considerably more complex than the third degree. The third degree simply involves lighted matches under the toes. The fifth degree involves much more.…

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