The Hypocratic Process

  • Post published:April 30, 2014

So America can now collectively pat it’s back and congratulate itself on a job well done. What a lesson for those pesky racists!

Opposition poster for the 1866 election. Geary...
Opposition poster for the 1866 election. Geary’s opponent, Hiester Clymer, ran on a white supremacy platform. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The first rule of public life is – never be found out. Publicly. You can have a string of prior convictions for the same offence, but as long as the general public doesn’t know about it, it’s ok. Heck, we’ll even get the body that stands opposed to the very attitudes you’ve been convicted of to give you multiple prizes.
The NBA must be congratulated, I suppose, for banning Donald Sterling. Now they want to force him to sell his business.  As the longest running owner of an NBA franchise he must have met with many people in the NBA world, people in power. The question is – did none of them know about his racist views? Over so many years and documented convictions ( one of them the largest of it’s kind ), did no one in the NBA find it the least bit obnoxious that he continued as long as he did?
Who are we to blame here? Here are the candidates – I’ll let you decide the winner.
Sterling: Holds stupid racist views and acts on them.
The NBA: Turned a blind eye until forced to do something as a PR damage control exercise
NAACP: “We don’t question who we get the money from. Give us enough over the years and we’ll give you an award or three. Oops, sorry now that everyone knows what an asshole you are, we’ll have to cancel this new award we were going to hand out”
Sponsors: see NBA
Other charities: see NAACP
The smartphone industry: For killing off public images, allowing people to convict themselves and generally being available to document stupidity. (Hmmm, maybe they’re the good guys…)
V. Stiviano ( or whatever the hell her name is): Does a racist prune of a guy, twice her age. Is mixed race herself. Does not feel insulted enough to let go of the money. Finally rats the guy out.
Mrs Sterling: Knows about the mistress, does nothing about it except sue her (for fraud).  Is Mrs Sterling….
Me: Writing about this moron
You: (possibly) for reading this

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  1. pixie

    Its been all over the news!
    Yesterday – I was like huh?! Really!? 😛
    and today you wrote abt it!

    1. peevedpunjabi

      Yes! For once I’m on the topic right away! Normally the Slo-Man handles this kind of thing, but then he’s very slow to react so topicality is lost.
      He’s called the Slo-Man for a reson. Ponderously-Slo-Man he should be.

      1. pixie

        oh well!! We’ll just have to wait and see what he has to say after pondering away.
        I just hope he doesn’t forget what he has been pondering about! 😛

        1. peevedpunjabi

          He often does. he’s getting pretty old too. We may have to put him down one of these days.

          1. pixie

            Don’t go that far yet! He may be of use still.. 😀

            1. peevedpunjabi

              ok – we’ll keep him around. Like the old retiree that no one has the heart to turn away from the door.

              1. pixie

                the rocking chair needs its companion 😀

  2. Ana Lynn Amelio

    HA! Grats for on being on topic right when it happened! I shall plead the fifth and refrain myself from answering.