About A Couple of Choices

The story of a middle-aged couple, living in separation, who come together to review their lives, the choices that got them there and the choices that lie ahead of them.

This examination is helped by their children, who are making choices of their own. What lies ahead for a family struggling to make the right choices?

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Comments from Readers

Sharma’s play is a delightful account of a family in transition with a mysterious past. It deals with many ‘what-if’s’ and unchosen paths to put the protagonists in a current day scenario wondering how everyone got here. It leaves the audience with challenges and questions.

It was a good write, and I look forward to Sharma’s next release.

The clarity of thought, put in excellent choice of words, creates a drama that one must listen to.

Most of us may even relate with some situations and look for answers from the characters. Yes, each person has the right to make the right choice at the time which may be right by them!

If you are looking for hyper-stimulation from words, this one ain’t for you. If you like to pause, listen, reflect on the spaces between the words, if you like to let your imagination take over and co-create with the author this one IS for you.

A couple of choices I gave you there. Make yours!!

The story moves at a leisurely pace while putting light on Alex’s feeling for his wife. Avoiding melodrama the story tries to analyse if it is only natural for couples to fall apart and come back together again after a gap of time. The setting has been well described and I had no difficulty visualising the patio where most of the action happens.

The story becomes unputdownable after the Kids arrive on the scene. In its limited scope, Ajesh has done a fabulous job on this story. If you haven’t read a play, this can be also a starting place for you.

Even though it’s short, it’s incredibly layered and complex and does a fine job of showing the myriad shades of relationships. In real life too, relationships are varying shades of grey with there being no wrongs or rights. There are so many different points of view involved each of which seems correct. Being a commitment phobic person, I could relate to the relationship in the book so well.

Beautifully written with cheeky and witty dialogues.

Its a wonderful short read and i think it was so perfect in the “Play”format. Guys do read this one! Its a book about relationships,about choices made, about life. One of my favourite lines from the book “Life is about having the people you love and the people who love you around you. Life is about them. And you. Together”

Ajesh Sharma am looking forward to your next one..

Another short and sweet, breezy book. Written in a play format, it does away with unimportant discussions and details, and focuses on the characters and their relationship. An estranged family coming together, which can be a teary happy ending, or a recipe for disaster! No spoilers here, find out on your own.

A good, fun, clean book with some quotable quotes. “Marriage kills friendship. Friendship kills sex. Sex eventually kills marriage. It’s a bloodbath!” Truer words were not said.

Kudos to author Ajesh Sharma, it’s a great read!

I often wondered what if a couple doesn’t get a divorce and yet live separate lives? Will they ever get back when they are older and mature to mend their relationship (for whatever reasons that prompted the initial separation), and this story poignantly answers my questions?

The characters were etched with perfection.

Enjoyed the subtle humor in the story.

A play with dialogues that sound like every day conversations. They are in layman language and not complicated. Moreover, it is about a topic with which most of us are familiar. In a short duration, this play tells you about the bonds that weren’t supposed to happen, weren’t supposed to break, weren’t supposed to renew.

It is not some random script for a play that doesn’t know where it is taking its audience (or even readers). It is a beautifully scripted play that can teach anybody a thing or two about relationships. Do give A Couple of Choices a read.

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