I’ve done a little bit of traveling in my life, and some of it has been funny, scary, tiring, weird, sunny, wet, cold and awesome. I’ve chosen to put the travel posts in order, by city / country. Yes, I’m here to serve your every need. Except dishes, I do not do dishes.

And windows! And Windows, too!


No ID? No Problem! A hair-raising trip to Kathmandu & Simra from Kolkata, a trip that would not be possible today....
KathmanduPart 1
KathmanduPart 2
SimraPart 3
SimraPart 4
KathmanduPart 5
KathmanduPart 6
KathmanuPart 7
KathmanduPart 8


NYCorningMaking Glass


Travels around Canada.
ONVariousAutumn 2020 in Photos
ONVarious2020 – The Summer of Discontent
ONMississaugaBlue Spring
ONGrand Bend & GoderichPhotographs
ONMississaugaImmigrant Tales - Departure
ONMississaugaImmigrant Tales - Arrival
ONMississaugaImmigrant Tales - Alien Food


Punjabi in Paris! ( and other parts of France )
Day 0--Mississauga, ONWriter's Intro
Day 0-Mississauga, ONFinal Frenzy
Day 1ParisGroundwork and Gruntwork
Day 2ParisWalking Woes
Day 3ParisComing - Serene on the Seine
Day 4ParisComing - Mona's Museum
Day 5VersaillesVast Versailles
Day 6ParisComing - A Couple of Cathedrals
Day 7ParisComing - Weapons of War
Day 8Chenonceaux, Loire ValleyLoitering around the Loire Valley
Day 9Mont St Michel, NormandyThe Monastery at Mont St Michel
Day 10Vire to Saint-Côme-du-Mont to Ste Mere Eglise, NormandyNormandy Notes - 1
Day 10Ste Mere Eglise, NormandyNormandy Notes - 2
Day 10Omaha Beach, NormandyNormandy Notes - 3
Day 11Le Mans, Sarthe, LoireLazy Le Mans
Day 12ParisComing - Last Look


AssamGuwahatiProhibition & Aristocrat
West BengalKolkata ( Calcutta )Peas and Paneer


Punjabi in England! ( Coming soon !! )
0-xMississauga, ONThe Romance Explained
0-yMIssissauga, ONDraft Plan v 0.0
0-zMississauga, ONPlotting, Planning and Problems
1Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Ocean, Ireland, UKArrival, Tube, Kensington, Hyde Park Serpentine

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