A Pome was requested – here it is

It was a hectic day at home, I was going about my work when all at once my dome went abuzz with the need to shirk and compose what I call a pome. And here, it, the pome, is, if this were a song this would be a bridge. The parking lot was…

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http://www.mobitary.com/2011/08/man-camps-outside-apple-store-in-anticipation-of-iphone-5.html A conversation on Facebook and a quick surf revealed the aforementioned blog post to the Slo-Man. First of all, iSheep is a term the Slo-Man really likes, however, the Slo-Man did not coin this phrase. He wishes he had because it epitomizes the culture and combines into itself the most prominent face of that culture.…

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about Vanity, Fame and Notoriety

The LLBF came by with a rueful smile on his face – he is getting a nose job! According to him it is a necessary evil and is not driven by vanity, his advancing years (he is wildly and mildly middle-aged) exacerbating a chronic condition. And the Slo-Man listened to the LLBF expound…

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