This is a collection of photographs featuring sunsets at different places over a span of timeĀ (because I have not been able to get up in time to catch sunrises....) New York City, NY, 2017-JulLondon, UK, 2018-AugLondon, UK, 2018-AugCinque Terre, Italy, 2019-SepMagog, QC, 2021-SepOakville, ON, 2022-NovOakville, ON, 2022-NovMississauga, ON, 2022-DecStreetsville,ON, 2023-AprMississauga,ON, 2023-MayL'Orignal, ON, 2023-MayL'Orignal,…

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Landscape Photographs

Landscape Photographs I know I promised a few people I would share an essay on Curiosity and quite a few said they were, uh.. curious about an essay that I would or could write about curiosity. Nobody I polled cared about landscape photographs. There was no interest in landscape photographs, colorful or otherwise.…

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Here comes the moon

Here comes the moon is a song. By George Harrison. Yes. Wanna hear it? Check this out to confirm that I'm not smoking legal stuff here in Canada. Here comes the Moon Photo Collection! The photographs here have been taken at various times in various locations. Enjoy these, or not, while I ready…

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Autumn 2020 in Photos

The Autumn of 2020 merged into the tail end of the memorable summer of this very memorable year. It was mild and the usual changing of the season was gradual. I suspect, because we spent more hours outdoors than ever before, we saw the change as a gradual transition. Autumn is really the…

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Punjabi in England – Planes, Trains, No Automobiles in London

I know you've probably forgotten everything I've written so far about this fateful tryst with destiny, the trip to London, England, fraught as it was with the aggregation of aggravations and the curious concatenation of circumstances that led to the very stormy emotions running through my sugar soaked veins. That was a longish…

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22 years an Immigrant

It's actually, 19 years a Canuck. But then, 22 rolls off the tongue smoothly and has so many possibilities. You can say two two twennytoo one score and two ( or 2) 2 times 10 plus 2 ( if mathematically inclined) Now then, what the hell am I talking about? I answer that…

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