5 Weeks

The title doesn't quite have the same sort of cachet of 9 and 1/2 weeks, I'm afraid. Certainly there were no strawberries or Joe Cocker singing Randy Newman's "You can leave your hat on". <Digression #1: I used to work with a guy who really, really wanted high heels on... on her. Not him; that would have been too weird > You're going to need the back story, as they say, I don't who "they" are and why they…

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Tea and dBaseII

(This is the story behind the reference to tea in this earlier chapter of the memoirs.) The phone rang as I started shutting the front door behind me. In one of those momentous decisions that define history  I overrode my initial inclination to continue on my way out and stepped back in and picked up the receiver. "Hi, this is ___, from ____ are you guys still in business? Would you be interested in doing some work for…

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