All-time Fantasy Grammys

So the Grammy's were on the other day. I did not watch. I find they refuse to nominate me or give me awards. Clearly this is discrimination against the talentless unknowns. As Supreme Peon and Idiotic Twit (SPIT) of the Council for Recognition of Atonal Performers (CRAP), I therefore called for a boycott from my basement office. This was met with universal and unanimous approval across the Council, whose current membership is somewhat higher than 0 peaking…

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  • Post published:September 6, 2017
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Ten Songs that became Great

I've been meaning to write this for a while. I read A.PromptReply's post on Ten Things I Love and Ten Things I Hate and I thought to myself, why restrict it? Why not 10 songs I like, 10 books I hate, 10 body parts, 10 cars, 10 destinations and so on and so on and so on and so on? But then,laziness struck me as it does about 18 gazillion times a day and it didn't actually…

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The Typewriter Tape

Every once in a while I get deeply, madly bored and depressed. Normally this takes the form of excessive eating, extreme reading, cleaning up things or staring at the wall opposite me. I have a horror of facing the wall. I hate sitting with my back to the door which exasperates my Beloved Bengalan. When I was building an office space for me, I agonized for days on where the door would go and how I would…

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Not responsible

As the header says, I refuse to take the responsibility for the sounds in your head. Should you continue you agree not to hold me accountable for any after-effects. Have you ever noticed how certain sounds just entrench themselves into your mind and refuse to let you go? I mean, for example, this whiny thing from Elton John. (And we're off!) Yes, it won't be a great sacrifice if that song and I lived in separate…

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Prohibition and Aristocrat

Once upon a time, I worked. My boss decided to send me up to the North East state of Assam, famous for tea and rain. The tea is the best in the world. The rain is the most in the world. There is also the unexplained mystery of birds gathering at one particular spot to die by the flock. None of this is germane to the story, which means that it helps build up the story in…

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Of Mice and Exorcists

Readers who took the time to read through the Slo-Man's rant about the publicity given to a teenager with an over-indulgent mother and slightly-better-than-average-karaoke talent and those who know the Slo-Man will know that he likes his music, indeed, many have labeled him a music snob. The Class of 27, which may be said to have been founded in 1938 by the Faustian Mr Johnson, includes the incandescent Mr Hendrix, the brooding and death-obsessed Mr Morrison and…

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about the state of affairs

(This was written late at night in Buffalo, NY as the Slo-Man watched TV in his hotel room. It was a snowy spring night in 2011 as he watched in succession the following items on TV. Stories from the Libyan uprising Jay Leno announcing that among his guests the following night would be Rebecca Black The tsnunami hit Japan and the Fukushima nuclear plant. This piece then came pouring out in 20 minutes as you see it…

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