about Vanity, Fame and Notoriety

The LLBF came by with a rueful smile on his face – he is getting a nose job! According to him it is a necessary evil and is not driven by vanity, his advancing years (he is wildly and mildly middle-aged) exacerbating a chronic condition. And the Slo-Man listened to the LLBF expound on the risk factors as explained to him by his doctor and it made him wonder – what manner of people are vain enough…

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Carving deep blue ripples in the tissues of your mind.

I recently had an interesting conversation with a good friend on Facebook about music in our lives. This and a short reunion with old school friends brought back memories of the entertainment options available to us growing up, as we did, on the cusp of the modernization of India. The very first mode of entertainment in my life was running around the neighbourhood with two significant episodes. The first was the hide and seek played in the…

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about the state of affairs

(This was written late at night in Buffalo, NY as the Slo-Man watched TV in his hotel room. It was a snowy spring night in 2011 as he watched in succession the following items on TV. Stories from the Libyan uprising Jay Leno announcing that among his guests the following night would be Rebecca Black The tsnunami hit Japan and the Fukushima nuclear plant. This piece then came pouring out in 20 minutes as you see it…

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