More cleanups

Instead of simply reblogging something on this Thursday, I’ve chosen to make improvements to the site. Again.

Apart from the ever-changing theme ( it’s a blue and white thingy now… ), I have made the following changes. These should make it easier to find posts. Some of the newer readers may find it useful to (more…)

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Yosemite tangle

English: Sunset on Half Dome seen from near th...
English: Sunset on Half Dome seen from near the Yosemite Lodge in Yosemite Valley, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m tangled up in Yosemite and
the need to write a blog.
The pictures need fixing
but the software’s just a dog.
Oh, what a tangled web we weave when (more…)

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Fictional Romance

I've struggled over the last couple of years with a growing urge to write a purely fictional piece of prose. I have failed to get very far. At least three major attempts ended up as poems. I am serious. How that happened I have no idea, but there they are. Fictional attempts, ok, I mean attempts at fiction somehow insisted on rhyming and using a weird meter. Don't believe me? Here is proof: Two by Two was…

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Pride in your Post

Notes to you. < some may get it, some may not. I don't really care either way > There are things called articles. Like "a", "the". Use them. There are things called collective nouns. They don't have plurals. "Computer code", "apparel", "hardware", "software". Commas are useful things, if used properly, like in this sentence. Figure out how to use them. Apostrophes perform dual duty. They replace missing characters , eg "It is" = "It's". They also show…

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Impending Autumn

Now is the season for death. A death that will bring life once again, but for that life we must die now. This is the season for love. A love that will take you further apart, but for that love, this love must die. The present is doomed. The past misunderstood. The future? The future is known. The future is death. The thing we call love is filled with the thing we call hate. The one and…

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Two by Two

TBT apparently there is such a thing. "Throw Back Thursday". Well I'm throwing this out there again in the hope that someone will understand it.

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A Pome was requested – here it is

It was a hectic day at home, I was going about my work when all at once my dome went abuzz with the need to shirk and compose what I call a pome. And here, it, the pome, is, if this were a song this would be a bridge. The parking lot was paved And from many a yellow taxi Hey, the paradise was babed with many a girl with legs a maxi This is just me…

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Nasal Blues

So - I need help. Yeah, Yeah - I know! It seems the nose job 18 months ago didn't quite take. And as things stand I may have to go under the knife again. That was depressing - so I took me aside and wrote down this song. I just can't finish it and that's where I need your help. Please suggest more verses. Here we go then: Nasal Blues (in some nice key so I can…

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Mistress in white and blue, my posts don’t excite you, my status provokes no comment. You give me the news and the homily and updates from the family. I have you on the laptop, I have you on the tablet, I have you on the phone, I have you in the office, I have you in the house, I have you in the car. You’re the first thing I log on to, You’re the last thing I…

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