The Path

1-IMG_0115The path to the future never did run straight
I have to walk along it, the silent victim of fate.
The sun plays hide and seek between the trees
Zephyrs lay their gentle touch, the buzzing bees
are busy with the business of their flowery (more…)

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The Typewriter Tape

Jorma Kaukonen
Jorma Kaukonen
Every once in a while I get deeply, madly bored and depressed. Normally this takes the form of excessive eating, extreme reading, cleaning up things or staring at the wall opposite me. I have a horror of facing the wall. I hate sitting with my back to the door which exasperates my Beloved Bengalan. When I was building an office space for me, I agonized for days on where the door would go and how I would arrange my workspace. I’ve since psychoanalyzed myself and discovered that this is due to (more…)

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I am? I do?

A question put to me the other day left me scratching me head. Not because I have dandruff or other head afflictions, but figuratively speaking I was left wondering. What…

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