It's mine!

BottledWorder is at it again - digging deep into the blogging experience and into the mind of the bloggist. I did try the cute kitten trick and it definitely brought an uptick in traffic, so clearly the people have spoken! "Less coconut oil and more kittens" they say. Should I break down and stop writing my stories and commentaries on what moves me, annoys me, gives me cause for wonder and pause for thought? Or damn…

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Catty Rolls

First - the disclaimer. No cats have been harmed in the writing of this post. God knows cats and I are sworn enemies, and there are days when I dream of a cat-free world, but I wish them no harm other than removal from an area measured by a radius of 1,000 miles with me at it's centre (center, if American). Anyway, this is not about cats. I would never waste my time talking about cats, except…

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