Prohibition and Aristocrat

Once upon a time, I worked. My boss decided to send me up to the North East state of Assam, famous for tea and rain. The tea is the best in the world. The rain is the most in the world. There is also the unexplained mystery of birds gathering at one particular spot to die by the flock. None of this is germane to the story, which means that it helps build up the story in…

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Mr Deka's Nightmare – Part 3

Click for Part 1 of the Story Click for Part 2 of the Story That night the three of us did not get to bed as Anirban took apart every card, every peripheral and reassembled the machine and the cycle of testing continued. I learnt to use a multi-meter that day as I helped Deb and Anirban test every chip on every board. In the early dawn pinkness, the computer had been re-assembled multiple times and Deb’s…

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Mr Deka's Nightmare – Part 2

Part 1 Elsewhere in the city, I was busy doing the rounds of my 5 installations, each in different stages of readiness, some where the air conditioning was not installed to some where the printers supplied were the wrong sort. Of the 5 only one of the computers, or as they were called to circumvent union rules, Electronic Accounting Machines, was booted up. I rented a 3-wheel autorickshaw by the day and spent all day cycling between…

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Mr Deka's Nightmare – Part 1

Anirban was still putting the panels back on as Deb rebooted the computer and Deb it was who saw it first. And with Mr Deka standing at Deb’s shoulder the game was afoot. I was elsewhere in the same city, dealing with problems with my own set of installations. But let me start at the beginning, for I fear that you may be wondering who these people are, where they were, what they were doing and what…

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