Punjabi in Paris – Normandy Notes 2

This is where we left off at the end of the first part of the Normandy Notes 1:
We’d missed the morning’s parachute drop re-enactment after an exciting and exhausting drive in. I was thinking wistfully about the stained glass windows of the church in Ste Mere Eglise. One of our regular readers had read Normandy Notes 1 and had written in to say how sorry he was that we didn’t get to see the parachute drop. < You can read about that here >
As luck would have it, (more…)

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Peas and Paneer

DSC_3004So I’m back from Kolkata or Calcutta, as it used to be and will ever be for some, like me. It was a crowded trip, with remembrance services, weddings, school and college reunions interspersed with sporadic maintenance shopping. ( I’ll have to explain that some other day, that “maintenance” thing.)  It was three years since my last visit, so naturally on my way there I’d wondered what changes I would see, other than the omnipresent blue and white paint I’d been warned about, which is, as you can see from the picture, true.

The short answer is: (more…)

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The phone rang in the very early morning hours of Dec 17th, a Sunday. In the USA it was still Saturday, Dec 16th.
I rose from the warm bed and padded out into the cold hall to the phone. I heard the pips that foretold a transatlantic call, waited for my oldest brother’s voice telling me he was coming for a visit, but there was no voice, just a silence, a silence that seemed too long, before he came on.
“Oh, you’re there? Wait a minute”, he said.
A strange vibration went through me. Why would he call and say “wait a minute”?. There was another brief silence before my sister in law came on.
“You there? Wait. Talk to your brother”, she said.
My brain spun wildly through a list of unimaginable possibilities. Then he came on again. (more…)

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30 Years On the Rocks


Then - note beautiful mustache matched with beautiful girl.
Then – note beautiful mustache matched with beautiful girl.
It has been a long time. Yet, it seems just like just the other day the Slo-Man was young, slim and gormless instead of what he is today, middle-aged, fat and gormless.
This is one of those momentous posts that are now given to the Slo-Man to write. For this marks an anniversary. Thirty years ago today the Beloved Bangalan took the Slo-Man (more…)

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Punjabi in Paris – Normandy Notes 1

Yes, I do realize that Normandy is not in Paris and so, technically and pedantically speaking, the Punjabi can’t be in Paris if he is in Normandy. You are quite right. Wrong, too. For it is entirely possible that he was in Paris when he wrote the Normandy Notes. In actual fact, he is writing this in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the Canadian Prairies, far, far away from Paris and Normandy. So why, you ask, does he title it thus? (more…)

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5 Weeks

The title doesn’t quite have the same sort of cachet of 9 and 1/2 weeks, I’m afraid. Certainly there were no strawberries or Joe Cocker singing Randy Newman‘s “You can leave your hat on”. (I used to work with a guy who really, really wanted high heels on… on her. Not him; that would have been too weird) <Digression #1>. 
<You’re going to need the back story, as they say, I don’t who “they” are and why they call it the back story instead of the “background” story. I would suggest that you read this so called back story first. Get it here.> (more…)

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Late Kate – Radiant Way Reader

from: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13581829-the-radiant-way-first-step
I cannot understand it. There seems to be a section of internet surfers who search for “Late Kate”. Everyday, I am seeing 4-5 seekers seeking Kate. What they are looking for I don’t know, but they end up here because of this very silly post about the then impending arrival of Prince George. Curiosity is one of my middle (more…)

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