Authenticity I've been busy these last few months. Therefore, I haven't had time to do lots of things. I did, however, scan a few posts on the three social media sites where I uh maintain some sort of presence viz, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. There's one thing that's bugged me; a pattern that…

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Landscape Photographs

Landscape Photographs I know I promised a few people I would share an essay on Curiosity and quite a few said they were, uh.. curious about an essay that I would or could write about curiosity. Nobody I polled cared about landscape photographs. There was no interest in landscape photographs, colorful or otherwise.…

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Cranberry Scones

Fame I'm going to dispense with the story completely for this very simple recipe for cranberry scones. I did have people critcise the previous recipe for being overly long. It was a summer day, three years ago, when I was at my friend Twane's house. And he, being highly proficient in the kitchen,…

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Great lines from songs

Background The other day I was experimenting with Kris Kristofferson's Nobody Wins and I was struck by this one line in the song. It seemed to just stand apart and emit this glow that could not be ignored. As usual, my mind, or whatever is inside my cranial cavity, wandered off into this…

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Yorkshire Dales - photo (c) Ajesh Sharma: There's sheep on them thar hills! EEP - The Pome This pome is going to be very deep When the border collie herds sheep Its actions are controlled by the beep From the shepherd who does keep The border collie and the sheep When they come,…

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Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi This, translated literally, is potato cauliflower, where aloo = potato and Gobi is cauliflower. Now, be careful, because there is gobi and then there is gobi. And, as you know, there is the Gobi, which is a desert. (Not dessert!) This is Fool Gobi, where the Fool is a Flower, thus…

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The Umbrella

The Umbrella - What is it? We'd all like to think that this is a complex, or at the very least, a complicated question. Why? Well, the world as we know it today is so complex, with so many different versions of meanings for every word, every symbol, every sandwich, every gesture, every…

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Big Ben

Oh Look! Big Ben!There it is, Big Ben!Big Ben!It's Big Ben!Big Ben again!There's that clock tower

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ISBF2022-Indrani Ganguli

Featured Guest - Indrani Ganguli Indrani Ganguli is an interpreter of languages. She’s as adept at staring down recalcitrant witnesses in court while taking down their depositions as she is compassionate with those who clearly are devastated at being there at all. Her stories are rich in classical allusions even as they explore…

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